testimonials and photographs

If you’re interested in an estimate to enhance, design or transform your garden, please contact Bernadette via email: quigdette@yahoo.com

“Bernadette turned our small plot of mud (with generous sprinklings of broken glass and industrial by-products) into a sweet little garden that is thriving.  She knew what would grow in our sunshine-deprived location and found us lovely plantings at great prices.  She worked like a dog and created something beautiful.  Now it is springtime, our daughter is busily poking at the new buds that are appearing daily, and we sit inour former industrial wasteland and relish our little bit of green.”  — Susan, Carroll Gardens

“Bernadette–I’ve been meaning to write you to tell you how beautiful and gorgeous and amazing my garden looks…thanks to you!  Honestly, I can hardly stand it, it looks so good.  The colors, the shapes, the textures.  I’m in heaven.”  — Anne Schwartz, Park Slope, Brooklyn

“The garden is just beautiful. I go out and look at it every day.” — Carol Dronsfield, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

“I had only the vaguest of ideas about how the garden should ‘feel’ as I walked through it, but had the definite idea that the space should incorporate two vegetable plots as well as plants and flowers that reflect both eastern and western influences….Somehow Bernadette pulled it off.  She created a garden with a lovely stone path that winds its way through flowers and vegetable patches, with charming views and surprises at every turn, finally leading to a quiet moss garden….In a documentary about Japanese gardens, the composer Toru Takemitsu talks of gardens that are at once calm and ecstatic….Bernadette, for transforming an urban backyard into both a calm retreat and an ecstatic burst of color, butterflies, and bumblebees, for making real my hazy vision, I am forever in your debt.  You are a Gardening Goddess!” Stephanie Umeda, Brooklyn, NY

“The garden is looking AMAZING.  We love it.”  — Jonathan M., Tribeca 

“Bernadette’s knowledge, dedication and passion for gardening has not only given me a garden that I am immensely proud of, but has surprisingly turned me into an avid gardener!  I continue to enjoy my new and ever evolving garden every day and look forward to working with her again.”  — Maryse, Baldwin, NY

“Bernadette took a desolate plot of weeds where no seed could find purchase, and transformed it into a veritable Brooklyn Garden of Eden, minus the naked couple and the talking snake. And she did it all with passion, wit, professionalism, and a simple devotion to beauty. In aland of concrete, she is truly a New York City treasure.”  — Douglas Stone, Brooklyn




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