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Poetry, Gardening and Music (not necesarily in that order)

Thrilled to be celebrating and reading Stanley Kunitz poems with my fellow actors Kim Sykes and Dave Bachman, with original music by Ellen Mandel, directed by Paul Hecht on Monday July 22nd at Cornelia Street Cafe. With a huge thank you to my friend, the award winning singer-songwriter Amy Correia — for this extraordinary gift/ book she gave me “The Wild Braid: A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden” (With Genine Lentine) that inspired my appreciation of Stanley Kunitz in a big way.  

“My garden, my life, my poems – a planned disorder” — undated journal entry/Stanley Kunitz

Here’s a few brilliant excerpts from the book —

“I think of gardening as an extension of one’s own being, something as deeply personal and intimate as writing a poem. The difference is that the garden is alive and it is created to endure just the way a human being comes into the world and lives, suffers, enjoys, and is mortal. The lifespan of a flowering plant can be so short, so abbreviated by the changing of the seasons, it seems to be a compressed parable of the human experience.

Is the cycle any easier to accept in the garden than in a human life? Both of them are hard to take! In both cases there is a sense not only of obligation, but of devotion.

You might say, as well, that the garden is a metaphor for the poems you write in a lifetime and give to the world in the hope that these poems have lived through will be equivalent to the flower that takes root in the soil and becomes a part of the landscape. If you’re lucky, that happens with some of the poems you create, while others pass the way of so many plants you set in the garden: or grow from seed: they emerge and give pleasure for a season and then vanish.”

Please join us in celebration of Stanley Jasspoon Kunitz, Poet Laureate. (July 29, 1905 – May 14, 2006) 

“I summon up all my strength
to set the pear tree in the ground, 
unwinding its burlap shroud.

It is taller than I. “Make room 
for the roots!” my mother cries,
“Dig the hole deeper.” Stanley Kunitz (from “My Mother’s Pears)


Monday July 22nd, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANLEY KUNITZ (real birthday July 29th)

$15.00 (includes a glass of wine or beer)

Cornelia Street Cafe 29 Cornelia Street NYC 10014 212. 989.9319